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Norwegian and UNICEF’s Fifth Humanitarian Aid Flight Will Depart for Chad This Fall

Press release   •   Jul 11, 2018 06:00 EDT

Norwegian's CEO and Founder, Bjørn Kjos, with UNICEF Norway's CEO, Camilla Viken, in Mali, 2017.

NEW YORK CITY (JULY 11, 2018) – Norwegian and its corporate social responsibility partner, UNICEF, have selected Chad as the destination for its fifth “Fill a Plane” campaign that will take place this September. Chad is one of Africa’s poorest countries, and has suffered from decades of poverty and conflict, including the recent and growing threat from Boko Haram, and the essential Lake Chad – the most important lake in Central Africa - has shrunk by more than 95%.

Overall, more than 2.5 million children in Chad are affected by the current crises, with almost 200,000 children under five suffering from severe acute malnutrition and more than 200,000 people displaced.

“This will be Norwegian’s most important flight of the year, but we do need your help to fill a plane to better help provide the children of Chad with a future. Too many children have been caught up in this horrific conflict and have lost their family, homes and also a chance for an education. To support, we will provide an aircraft, and call upon our customers and partners will help us fill it with medicines, emergency aid and school materials so that the people of Chad can start to build a future and manage on their own and support themselves,” said Norwegian CEO and Founder Bjørn Kjos.

“The children of Chad need our support to ensure they’re able to survive and thrive,” said Caryl Stern, President and CEO of UNICEF USA. “These needed supplies will have a big impact, and it’s made possible thanks to our important global partnership with Norwegian, and their steadfast commitment to putting children first.”

Norwegian and UNICEF have conducted four humanitarian aid missions since 2014 to: the Central African Republic; the world’s second-largest refugee camp, Za’atari in Jordan; Mali; and to Djibouti for Yemen. Together, the partners have brought emergency aid that has saved more than 100,000 children’s lives.

This year’s UNICEF flight will depart Copenhagen, where the organization’s largest supply center is located, full of aid loaded both in the plane’s cargo hold and cabin. Once loaded, it will fly to N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, where it will be offloaded and delivered to UNICEF Chad.

To donate please visit UNICEF at As of this month, it is also possible to donate directly to UNICEF onboard all Norwegian’s long-haul flights through the personal in-flight entertainment system.

For more information on Norwegian’s partnership with UNICEF, please visit Our campaign video for Chad, can be found on our YouTube page.

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Follow @Fly_Norwegian on Twitter, join the discussion on Facebook and keep up with our adventures on Instagram. For more information on Norwegian and its network, visit