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Love Is (Literally) In The Air!

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Love Is (Literally) In The Air!

Love knows no bounds -- especially for newlyweds Claes and Trista Söderberg. 

Claes and Trista Söderberg

“The first time we met and shook hands was very special," said Trista. “The way Claes said his name was different; he stood out from everyone, and I remember feeling that I wanted to know him. It was a very simple, yet powerful connection.”

Claes Söderberg, a long-haul captain from Sweden, and Trista Söderberg (nee Pettersen), a flight attendant from the United States, met two years ago while working a flight from Stockholm, Sweden to Los Angeles, California. While on their layover in Los Angeles, Claes and Trista took the time to get to know each other, and they quickly realized that they were meant to be.

After a jet-setting courtship, the two love birds were married this past February.

While falling in love was easy, making time for each other takes a bit more finesse. “We struggle a bit because of our  work schedules and we are based in different locations," Claes said. With almost 10,000 miles between them -- Claes is based in Bangkok, Thailand and Trista is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- you can imagine the effort it takes to make their marriage work. "Trista is so worth it," Claes beamed. So much so, he is in the process of transferring to Norwegian's London Gatwick base so that he can be closer to Trista (a mere 4,400 miles away). 

“We’re both so happy that we started working at Norwegian, not only because we wouldn’t have met otherwise, but also because of the great atmosphere at the company and all of our fantastic colleagues," Trista said. Claes has been with Norwegian since March 2013, and Trista began working at Norwegian in March 2014. 

Claes and Trista Söderberg

This transatlantic couple loves traveling -- even on their days off. They got engaged in Rome, flew to New York to get married at the Swedish church and honeymooned in Switzerland. When they are not traveling for business and pleasure, Claes and Trista enjoy outdoor activities, such as biking, boating and playing tennis.

*Love matches not guaranteed on all Norwegian flights.*



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