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It’s Our Anniversary: Norwegian Celebrates 5 Years of Free Wi-Fi

Blog post   •   Feb 09, 2016 08:00 EST

Five years ago today Norwegian became the first European airline to introduce free Wi-Fi on all European routes, and we are still the only carrier to provide this service!

Since pioneering the service in February 2011 over 19 million passengers have connect Wi-Fi at 35,000ft, and to mark the occasion we are sharing the results of our first ever study into passengers’ sky high surfing habits.

“To celebrate five years of free Wi-Fi, Norwegian’s new study reveals some fascinating insights into the world’s sky-high surfing habits,” said Thomas Ramdahl, Chief Commercial Officer at Norwegian. “The results show how integral being connected is to people’s travel plans – with 18,000 passengers per day accessing Wi-Fi to chat with friends, read news and continue working whilst travelling across Europe.”

Here’s what we learned:

  • Facebook FOMO (fear of missing out): A third of passengers (28%) log onto a social media channel within just five minutes of the flight. One in five passengers say they would be annoyed if they could not access social media during a flight – with 3% going as far as to say it would ruin their flight
  • #Holiday: American and British passengers are most likely to show off about their holiday, with 40% of Americans posting a picture or status about their trip during the flight. This is followed by 20% of Brits
  • Staying connected: On the US (New York, Boston and Baltimore/DC) to French Caribbean (Guadeloupe and Martinique) routes, approximately 33% of all passengers connect to Wi-Fi on each flight and tend to stay connected for almost three hours
  • Race to get online: German passengers are the keenest to get online, followed by Swedish and Danish. The availability to connect to free Wi-Fi still comes as a surprise to British, Spanish and American travellers who take the longest to connect
  • Digital detox: Just one in ten people said they like to relax and take a break from social media during a flight. Spanish passengers are the biggest social media addicts, with 62% logging on during their flights, compared to 45% of British and 31% of Americans
  • Let me take a selfie: Inflight Wi-Fi has contributed to new social media trends with half of 18 to 25 year olds logging into Instagram to take a selfie or post a wing shot. To date #flyNorwegian has been tagged over 12,900 times on Instagram
  • FOMO (Fear of missing out): Spanish are the most addicted to social media– with 62% accessing networking sites during their flight. This is followed by Norwegians (56%) and Danish (55%)

If you’re flying today, why not join in the celebration and post a selfie on twitter, Facebook or Instagram to commemorate the occasion and encourage even more people to #FlyNorwegian.

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