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Faces of Norwegian: Roger Handeland

Blog post   •   Jul 20, 2018 02:28 EDT

Faces of Norwegian: Roger Handeland

Meet Roger Handeland, Licensed Aircraft Engineer and 737 Technical Rep for Norwegian based in Stavanger, Norway, who will participate in the NYC Marathon, running on behalf of UNICEF to raise money to support the organization’s effort worldwide. Roger is one of nine employees from Norwegian from across Europe who has committed to fundraise $4,000 to UNICEF USA, which will help save hundreds of children living in crisis areas around the world.

You can help support Roger by donating to UNICEF’s great work and help save lives. You can contribute to Roger's personal donation link which will go directly to UNICEF.


Roger Handeland




Licensed Aircraft Engineer and 737 Tech.Rep.

How long have you been with Norwegian: 

01st. of Oct. 2002

Where are you from: 

Grew up in Etne, lived for 31yrs in Sola, Tananger, village on the coast, outside Stavanger

Marathon run time goal: 

Sub 3:30

Marathon/running background: 

Been running all life but stepping up a bit the last 15 years. Done many 1/2M and one officially FullMarathon , several on own.

Why did you apply to run with Norwegian in the NYC Marathon

A bit adventure but also an impossible dream to participate on NYC Marathon; suddenly came real

Why is this important to you: 

Important to keep a good health and as long as I can run I will do; and if the side of that is to help raising money for the future for children, it’s a win/win for sure.

Who’s your biggest supporter (in regards to the Marathon): 

Åshild Steinskog, my lovely girlfriend

What does UNICEF mean to you: 

A well-known organization that we have been supporting for many years. Hopefully helping more children (and mothers) to have a safe and healthy childhood, also in the futureAnything you’d like to add: Sad to see so many children losing all because of selfish politics, dictators or cheaty money makers. Not only in poor/war countries, but also in the western world.

Favorite destinations?

Many favourites, small towns with beach, mountains and good food... Preferable french ones (Banyuls sur Mer or Collioure) but I will be back in Florida gulf coast side.. Many nice small towns there as well.

What are your hidden talents?

Don’t think i have any hidden talents. But cutting trees with climbing and chainsaw is more than a hobby.

What do you do during your days off?

I have a 11year old daughter, cabin in the mountain, motorcycletrips, treecutting and running takes up my sparetime. And of course my girlfriend.

What is the best city for a 24-hour layover?

Best city for 24hr layover, in the summer: maybe Tromsø with midnightsun and nice temperature and plenty of drinks and food after a hard mountain run...

What is your best experience working at Norwegian?

Best experience must be all the early year with phasing in aircrafts from all over the world , and travelling with hours notice to remote airfields. It was rock'n roll. And also all the recovery missions. Meeting all kind of aviators.

What do you like most about your job?

When you enter an aircraft at gate with 180pax and crew bound for Barcelona or Nice, that is already 10min delayed because of snag, and all are hoping and believing in me and my skills. And after 15mins the a/c is fixed.. And the look in their face then, good feeling. Also doing bigger jobs like engine changes with a good team when everyone know what to do, all tooling is good and taxiing out after and performing engine tests with no snags, taxiing straight to gate and deliver the a/c to crew and pax. Unbeatable feeling.