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Faces of Norwegian: Manuel Fernandez

Blog post   •   Nov 22, 2017 09:18 EST

Manuel Fernandez, London Gatwick Cabin Crew Base

Meet Manuel:

What do you like most about working for Norwegian?

What I most like about working for an airline like Norwegian is the fact that it is expanding really fast in all directions, which allows me to get to know many places and different people from all around the world.

What is your favorite/best part of your job

My favorite part is getting to see a lot of places in the United States that I used to dream with when I was younger. Every time I set foot in one of these cities, it feels like having a deja vù to me due to all the films and series that I ever watched.

You were chosen to represent Norwegian for Mission Yemen, one of its most important relief flight of the year. What was significant about this to you?

“To me being part of such an amazing project, which helps improve many people's quality of life is something I have no words to describe. It just makes me feel really proud and happy to be part of a happy story for many people in need.”

This mission was very important to me because I really got to see what is really happening in a third-world country, which was so much different from everything what I has watched on TV before or in any other media. In my opinion, you really need to go there to see how serious their problems with health, food and water are. Moreover, it was my very first time in Africa and I felt very excited about it.

You have a 24-hour layover, what city tops your list?

My top layover is New York because you never get tired of the city that never sleeps. There is always something to do and I love to get lost both during the day and at night. It is a place I wouldn’t mind going every single week of the year.

Best memory during a Norwegian flight?

My best memory during a flight so far has been my UNICEF experience. Being part of the most important flight of the year was a great honour. It was very gratifying to get to know all those people from all around the world that we had onboard and share all those experiences with them.

What is your hidden talent?

I could tell you I can sing really well, but it wouldn’t be true. So, let’s stick to reality. My hidden talent is to surprise my friends and family. I have already been abroad for 4 years. Therefore, as I usually spend much time without seeing them, I try to do something different to surprise them whenever we meet again. Last time I did so, I went on the same flight from Madrid to Porto that my friends would take without them to notice it. Once on the plane, having them seated just two rows in front of me, I waited for the fasten seat belt sign to go off after take to surprise them while I recorded everything.

Last summer, I agreed with one of my very good friend’s girlfriend where and when to meet each other and I took a plane to Brasil to meet them. You shoud have seen his face! He was completely shocked!

Another time, I surprised my father and his girlfriend. He was really excited and couldn’t stop himself from taking pictures all the time. I felt really happy to be able to show him what I do at work and I really enjoyed it.

What do you during your days off?

I consider myself a globetrotter (actually my friends call me “Willy Fox”) and love travelling around. I can’t wait for the roster to be released every month to see how many days off in a row I have, to plan where I can go and who with. My next stop is Berlin for three days!