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Faces of Norwegian: Kyle Doyle

Blog post   •   Jan 03, 2018 10:27 EST

Kyle Doyle, From JFK's Cabin Crew Base

What do you like most about working for Norwegian?

What I like the most about working for Norwegian is the chance we get everyday to interact with our colleagues who come from all over the world. Working closely with people from such varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds is an invaluable opportunity to learn about different perspectives on this world that we share. In addition, we are constantly expanding to new destinations and work on brand new planes. I could go on and on. What's not to love?

What is your favorite/best part of your job?

The best part of the job is seeing happy passengers sincerely thanking us as they disembark the aircraft. Sometimes it can be hard to tell how passengers are feeling about the flight, especially since they are so tired and stressed when they are traveling. But when so many of them smile and thank you at the end of the flight it gives me great confidence and satisfaction that we are providing an excellent service that travelers will return to again and again.

Why was this mission to Djibouti important to you?

This mission to Djibouti is important to me as a way to help Norwegian give back to the world and make a different in people's lives. In addition, as someone who has studied French and Arabic in university, traveling to a place such as Djibouti, where both languages are so prominently spoken, was a very interesting prospect to me. 

What is your favorite travel destination?

Hawaii. I've only been around O'ahu so far, but the times I've visited have been incredible. So many great places to eat, the people have been very welcoming, and there are so many amazing views to be found all around the island. I can't wait to go back and explore the other islands.

What do you during your days off?

On my days off I love cooking, exercising, reading, catching up with friends and family, and planning my next adventure.

Favorite thing to eat in NYC? 

The amazing thing about NYC is that we have so many great foods from cultures all over the world. You could be having delicious Vietnamese bánh mì in the East Village or indulging in wonderful Italian food at Maialino in Gramercy Park. Venture off the beaten path and you might discover something incredible!

24-hour layover – What city tops your list?

Tie between Paris and Rome. Paris is like a second home for me, a city filled with so much depth and contrast between old and new, so it's always great to go back, and Rome is filled with so much history, grandeur, and charm. As the saying goes " Only Paris is worthy of Rome, only Rome is worthy of Paris."

Best memory on a Norwegian flight?

My best memory on a Norwegian flight was working with my incredible colleagues and meeting the wonderful people who participated in our UNICEF flight to Djibouti to deliver aid for Yemen. It was the most inspiring trip of my career so far.