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Faces of Norwegian: Jenny Weimer

Blog post   •   Oct 06, 2018 00:52 EDT

​Meet Jenny Weimer

Meet Jenny Weimer, Senior Cabin Crew and Cabin Line Trainer for Norwegian based in Stockholm. She will participate in the NYC Marathon, running on behalf of UNICEF to raise money to support the organization’s effort worldwide. Jenny is one of nine employees from Norwegian from across Europe who has committed to fundraise $4,000 to UNICEF USA, which will help save hundreds of children living in crisis areas around the world.

You can help support Jenny by donating to UNICEF’s great work and help save lives. You can contribute to Jenny’s personal donation link which will go directly to UNICEF.

Name: Jenny Weimer

Base: Stockholm Arlanda


How long have you been with Norwegian: Since 2007

Marathon Time Goal: When does it close?😅 I have absolutely no goal except having as much fun as ever possible. I’m running the marathon for the first and last time, it’s going to be memories for a life time. My first, my last my everything.

I have dreamt about this since I started to run and I’m almost too excited that it’s gonna be real👏🏻

Marathon/running background:My running history is short, started to run just 4 years ago. I ran Tjejmilen (10 k) twice, and Tunnelrun (10k) once. In may I will run Göteborgsvarvet, halfmarathon 21 k. Very excited!

Why did you apply: I applied because this is everything I love: Norwegian, fundraise and run, I love our partnership with Unicef, I know that the money reaches where its needed (was in Mali with Unicef+Norwegian), I love New York and I have dreamt about running in the magic city. Maybe I wasn’t really prepared to run a marathon, but I will sure be in November😂

This is important to me for many reasons: The obvious: to fundraise and be an ambassador for Unicef, spreading knowledge about their important work. I also hope to get to know collegues from all over the world, and I think its alot of fun to fundraise. Last year I fundraised 100 000 sek for Unicef. Last but not least: The challenge of running a Marathon!☺️ I thought my limit was 10 k and 42 k was just a dream, but I guess not!

Why is this important to you: Unicef means alot to me, I know that many children are alive and goes to school thanks to them, I know they make a difference in the world and I feel confident that they do their job and make families survive and have a better everyday life. When I fundraise for Unicef, I’m certain the money makes a huge difference. This is going to be such an amazing experience, looking so much forward to it!

Who’s your biggest supporter (in regards to the Marathon): My biggest supporters are my five kids, I hope to inspire them to make difference in the world and also start running.They think I’m cool doing this, I totally agree!

What are your hidden talents? I’m like an open book, I don’t have any hidden talents😂

What do you do during your days off?

During my days off I workout a lot these days, to prepare my self for the Marathon, and I always find time to have coffee, food or wine with friends. Beside the marathon and cabin crew job I’m a happy mom of five kids; my days off are always “family first”-time.Taking care of them is a lot of fun and a lot of cleaning and laundry😅

What is the best city for a 24-hour layover?

My favorite destination for 24 h lay over would be a choice of two sunny destinations: Las Palmas or Dubai. I love everything about Dubai; the weather, the people, the food, the beaches, the shopping and the sightseeing. Never boring in Dubai. Since we are going to Dubai on vacation in February I’m hoping for many layovers in my second choice Las Palmas! I love eating tapas and have a walk on the beach in the middle of the winter!

Favorite destinations? 

My favorite Norwegian destination would be our brand new destination Krabi. Krabi is on our wishing list for next winter!

What is your best experience during any Norwegian flight?

My absolute best experience with Norwegian is the “Fill-a-plane”-flight to Mali that I worked on in 2016. That experience made me humble, and since the day I saw the need and met the kids there, talked to the mothers and learned about their everyday life I have tried to do something everyday to make the world better. You can’t do everything but you have to do something, and all of us can do something. For sure.

What do you like most about your job? 

My life has changed a lot thanks to that flight and I’m grateful that I had the chance to go to Mali. The best about my job as a Cabin chief is my colleagues, I love everyday at work. I am curious about the other departments at Norwegian and I hope to, in some way, work with the Unicef projects. It’s really inspiring to work at a company that is growing.