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Faces of Norwegian: Elin Losvik

Blog post   •   May 26, 2018 06:00 EDT

Meet Elin Losvik, Supervisor Booking Services for Norwegian based in Tromsø who will participate in the NYC Marathon, running on behalf of UNICEF to raise money to support the organization’s effort worldwide. Elin is one of nine employees from Norwegian from across Europe who has committed to fundraise $4,000 to UNICEF USA, which will help save hundreds of children living in crisis areas around the world.

You can help support Elin by donating to UNICEF’s great work and help save lives. You can contribute to Elin's personal donation link which will go directly to UNICEF.

Name: Elin Lian Losvik

Base: TOS

Role: Supervisor Booking Services

How long have you been with Norwegian: Since 14 January 2008

Where are you from: A small place called Kabelvåg in the Lofoten Island

Marathon run time goal: 4:15

Marathon/running background: Started running while living in the New Mexican mountains in 1994. In 2011 I finished participated in Vasaloppet, a 90 km cross-country ski race. The following years I finished both the 54 km long Birken ski race in Rena,Norway and 50 km Finlandia Hiihto in Lahti, Finland. The long ski races gave me confidence to try to run longer and in 2017 I finished my first half Marathon, the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromsø. Now I`m training hard to get my body ready to endure 42 km in New York. I know my head and mind is strong enough to finish a Marathon.

Why did you apply: I`ve wanted to run a Marathon for a long time and the New York Marathon has been a secret dream for years. This was a possibility to fulfill my dream. I never anticipated that I would be chosen to run so this makes me so grateful and proud.

Why is this important to you: Running a Marathon will be a great personal achievement and running for Team UNICEF makes it even better. It enables me to make a difference by helping children and also extend the cooperation Norwegian as a company have with UNICEF. I sincerely hope that my $4000 contribution will make a difference for children in need

Who’s your biggest supporter (in regards to the Marathon): My family and my manager Ann-Kristin Ruud

What does UNICEF mean to you: UNICEF and their work means a lot to me. UNICEFS work is so important and they have done so much for children of the world. Being a part of the UN gives UNICEF a position that is unique compared to other organizations and enables them actually change the world. An example; since 1990 they have more than halved the worlds child mortality rate. Their work with giving humanitarian aid in countries like Syria and Afghanistan is truly lifesaving.

Favorite destinations?

I`ve been to Iceland once and it was a magical place. I really would like to go back someday. Austin at SXSW has been a dream since I first visited Austin, Texas in 1995.

What are your hidden talents?

I love a good quiz and I`m really good at it too. All kinds of trivia seems to stick to my mind. I actually won Pop Quiz, a popular Norwegian radio Quiz Show about pop music from 1960 to 2018, once last year.

What do you do during your days off? 

Nowadays I run 😊I try to spend my days off with my family, hiking in the surrounding mountains or taking trips in our boat in the summer, go cross country skiing in the winter. Having three boys means having an active lifestyle

What is the best city for a 24-hour layover

I`m not flying personnel so I hardly ever get layovers, but since I have been to our HQ in Oslo more times than I can count I guess I`ll say Oslo. It`s lot`s to see, beautiful parks, nice restaurants and good shopping too 😊 Since the city itself isn`?t too big it`s easy to get around and cover a lot in a little time

What is your best experience during any Norwegian flight? 

Hard to choose. The first time I was allowed to travel in cockpit was amazing. It was a flight from Oslo to Riga in early spring. Beautiful clear skies. We could see the ice breaking up in the Gulf of Riga and the coastline with the beaches of Jurmala. really beautiful. My first Dreamliner flight in Premium from New York to Oslo also made an impression. The sweetest crew and the best service ever, and the Dreamliner was just an amazing plane to be travelling with.

What do you like most about your job? 

I`m so lucky to be able to travel to our customer service centers around Europe. It is so nice to meet all the skilled booking-, phone, SoMe- and chat agents we have and see the important work they do helping our customers with small and bigger issues to ensure they are satisfied and have a nice experience flying Norwegian. Meeting all these colleagues and working with them is truly rewarding and what I like the most about my work.