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Faces of Norwegian: Carmen Esparza

Blog post   •   Nov 01, 2017 12:41 EDT

Carmen Esparza, JFK Cabin Crew Base

What do you like most about working for Norwegian?

Personally, what I like most about working for Norwegian is the corporate culture. Based on the aviation industry's military background, it's dependent style of leadership creates a strict hierarchal framework. Incorporated with Norwegian's socio-culture, it's the perfect match. It's the perfect ying-yang balance. In order for it to be at its upmost success, all crew and cooperating Norwegian family must be intentional on every flight but when acquired, the effect is magical for the overall success of the flight and for company representation.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is working with colleagues who know their skills, utilize them and add to the betterment of the teams dynamic by being intentional each and every time. I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I joined Norwegian. I moved to NY last year and realized now was the time to start anything I wanted. I only knew that whatever I was getting myself into, by being a flight attendant, HOW I did it was going to feel more important than what I was doing.

My professional background in emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management) were going to be my catalyst to success. We all have transferable skills that can be used as leverage and the best part is that all those skills vary for each colleague, especially since we don't all come with aviation experience. 

Why was this mission to Djibouti significant to you?

With the lead of Norwegian, I am proud to be able to do my part in supporting UNICEF's initiative with the Yemeni crisis. There are many things happening in the world right now. We all have the responsibility to educate ourselves and ask what it is we can do to help. It's been reported by international aid organizations that nearly 7 million Yemeni are at risk of famine. That's just the tip of the iceberg, the complex situation in Yemen has created a multitude of problems. Norwegian is doing their part in giving their support for the situation at hand and I'm glad I can be a part of it. 

Why the mission to Djibouti was important to me is simple. There are livelihoods at risk in Yemen and in Djibouti, by its neighboring countries. When one community has more than another, they should give. Although it's not always that simple, it should be. 

Favorite travel destination of all time?

Istanbul. It's beautiful beyond explanation. They have the best fish sandwiches by the Bosphorus and a fusion of cultures coming together. What more could you ask for?

Hidden Talent?

I make the best homemade flour tortillas. Nobody believes me though.

What do you during your days off?

My favorite activity post flight, I let my body wake me up the next morning and walk the 45 minutes through Prospect Park to the Brooklyn Central Library. I check out a book or two and/or return a book I've finished and start to read a fresh book off the shelf on the walk back home via Prospect Park. This moment gives me peace of mind and grounds my wandering spirit and heart.

Favorite food to eat in NYC (Or recommend to anyone visiting). 

To anyone visiting NY, it's a culinary experience every time. I recommend taking full advantage of the opportunities. If you've never had a pork bun from deep within Chinatown for less than $3, you're missing out. Go do that right now.