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Faces Of Norwegian: Beate Vinkler Rasmussen

Blog post   •   Apr 20, 2018 16:46 EDT

Beate Vinkler Rasmussen, Senior Cabin Crew Norwegian

Meet Beate Vinkler Rasmussen, Senior Cabin Crew for Norwegian who will participate in the NYC Marathon, running on behalf of UNICEF to raise money to support the organization’s effort worldwide. Beate is one of nine employees from Norwegian from across Europe who has committed to fundraise $4,000 to UNICEF USA, which will help save hundreds of children living in crisis areas around the world.

You can help support Beate by donating to UNICEF’s great work and help save lives. You can contribute to Beate’s personal donation link which will go directly to UNICEF.

"I feel very privileged to be allowed to participate in this campaign. Then I can challenge myself both raising money for children´s rights and also completing 42,2 kilometers in the world most spectacular and popular race, NYC Marathon, November the 4th."

Name: Beate Vinkler Rasmussen

Base: BGO

Role: Senior Cabin Crew Member

Emergency Response Team

Pairing Committee

How long have you been with Norwegian: Since 1st of April 2004

Where are you from: Trondheim, Norway

Marathon run time goal: 3:35:00

Marathon/running background: Marathon des Alpes-Maritmes, Nice-Cannes 2014. 3:46:48. I ran 10 half marathon in Norway.

Why did you apply: I have supported UNICEF since I started in Norwegian and I love to run and push boundaries.

Why is this important to you: To help children in need, continuing supporting UNICEF is a great opportunity to affect the world to be a better place to live for every child.

Who’s your biggest supporter (in regards to the Marathon): My mum and dad, but both friends, family and all my supportive and generous colleagues at the BGO-base.

What does UNICEF mean to you: They are fighting for children´s rights all over the world and they do a very important and fantastic job.

Favorite destinations: Evenes and then go to Lofoten, for hiking or randonee skiing. Its spectacular with the fjords and mountains. Flying to Barcelona and visit the small fishing village along the Camino de Ronda, Costa Brava, is beautiful.

What are your hidden talents? I was racing with dogs, and had 4 years on the Norwegian national team. Nordic and Norwegian champion.

What do you do during your days off?

On my weekends off, I bring my family to the cabin at Geilo. My boys love skiing in the park with rails and jump and I struggle to follow them on my snowboard.

What is the best city for a 24-hour layover?

We doesn’t have any layovers from BGO, but if I Could choose, I would prefer 24 hours layover in New York or Madrid.

What is your best experience during any Norwegian flight?

My best experience on a flight was between OSL and BGO when We ha a mini concert onboard and I was Happy to meet my Idol from the 80s, AHA, Magne Furuholmen.

What do you like most about your job?

I love that no days are the same. Different destinations, crew and passengers every day. I have a lot of great colleagues and We have fun onboard even some days are long we try to cheer up each other with some laugher and galley humor.